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Posted on: May 20, 2009 10:49 am

Number 1

First blog and Im sure no one will be reading but if you are........wow guess you are pretty bored and Im sure you wont find much entertainment here.  After last nights Overtime victory by THE detroit redwings I find myself at great peace today.  The wings are perennial power houses in the playoffs but since the Pistons decided to choke this year I have the ability now to focus total play off attention on the wings, and thank god for that.  If it werent for hockey all a Detroit fan would have is the tigers who aren't playing terrible and the enormous news that the lions have a new look logo......wow!  Luckily for us we do have a terrific hockey team that year in and year out people try to label as old and unable to keep pace with the young guns, well folks its time to label this label if you will, as old itself.  The fact that this stereotype is even associated with this team is alittle rediculous because the only true "old man" in my opinion in chelios and guess were he remains......sidelined.  Anyway aside from that the wings are taking care of business and need no in depth discussion at the moment so Ill turn to something no one outside of my area know about.  The Marine Corps Detachment's softball team is on fire, and Im sure you dont care however last night an incredible feat was achieved, a veritable base record in a game won by the Marine's with a score of 45 to 9......45 in only four innings of play and given only an hour to play each game.....incredible.  The Marines are 3-0 on the season and in those three games have outscored opponnents 94 to 15 with 18 home runs....thats more home runs in three games than all three opponents have scored combined.  The Det puts its impresive stat sheet on the line tonight playing arch rival Navy Gold.  If anyone pays attention to this at all......you too can be a Mar Det Devil Dog fan as we go for the perfect season and base championship.  For now that is all .....Semper Fi
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